Company value management

Goals and objectives

  • Identification of the main factors influencing the value of the company for shareholders / owners.
  • Determining the target cost level.
  • Defining a plan to achieve target levels of company value.
  • Development of a cost management roadmap.
  • Providing company management and investors with information combining financial, operational and performance indicators, as well as analytics on the impact of the above indicators on value.


  • Formation of a detailed company value management plan, taking into account the specifics of the business.
  • Building a system for assessing the company's performance based on its value using the concept of Value-Based Management (VBM).
  • Implementation of an approach to company valuation based on RSM Enterprise Value Matrix and EVA methodologies, CVA model of Boston Consulting Group.

What do you get as a result

  • Promptly informing shareholders / business owners about the current value of the company and emerging trends.
  • Interface / infographic of the main financial, operational and cost indicators of the company.
  • The new paradigm of the company's KPI system based on the value approach.
  • Involvement of the Company's personnel in the process of creating its value.
  • Prompt response to changes in the company's business environment.

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